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Mike Villanueva


Mike brings years of business experience and has founded companies in the sports and healthcare industries. Mike started his career with a Masters from University of Miami in Health Care Administration and Management. Mike has a dedication to service, delivering quality health solutions, and innovative products.   

Javier Gomez


Javier has extensive experience as a business owner in the medical industry and is always innovating. Javier specializes in consulting and brings years of experience overcoming obstacles and optimizing results. Javier enjoys the boxing industry and production of events.   

Jorge Trinchet 


Growing up, Jorge watched his father as a photographer and picked up the passion by age 4. He enjoyed creating lasting memories that would forever stamp a moment into history. He travels the world for photography and brings years of experience to the Rivalta team working with big names such as 50 Cent, Floyd Mayweather, and Rick Ross. He enjoys the creative process, finding inspiration, and providing innovative direction to the brand.  

Bayley Ramos


Bayley brings over 12 years of experience and has assisted in marketing for more than 500 companies nationally and internationally. Her resume includes International Projects in European Market Communications, national franchises, and startups. Bayley has a Bachelor's and Associate's Degree in Marketing from Johnson & Wales University and has been creating the curriculum and teaching Social Media for Businesses at Miami Dade College since 2015. Bayley thrives on understanding the opportunities available and creating a unique plan that will achieve great results.  

Ileny Rivalta


Ileny was born and raised in Miami Florida with roots from Colombia and Cuba. She has a bachelors of science in public relations and mass communications with a minor in psychology. As a social media content creator she brings years of experience from branding, design, and product development. She’s grown up within the boxing industry. When she’s not working you can find her at the beach or traveling the world.  

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